Cryptic Explorers Kickstarter

We had the pleasure of filming the very unique Cryptic Explorers Kickstarter with our friends at Tempest Tome.

From the creators: “Explore, scavenge, battle, and survive in this asymmetrical sci-fi / horror board game for 2-4 players.  Macabre art and deep mechanics.”

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B-Con 2016 Aethersteel and Vikings: Episode 020

O2 Games introduces their new minis game Aethersteel, and Dan Black shows off Vikings.
Just some of the miniatures at B-Con this year.

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B-Con 2016 Terra Nova Games: Episode 019

Justin from Terra Nova Games gives us a quick intro to this year’s releases: Trick of the Rails and Matryoshka.

B-Con 2016 Hunting Sasquatch: Episode 018

Here’s the guys from Spyglass Games talking about their upcoming new release at B-Con: Hunting Sasquatch.

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