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Gen Con 2016 Brewin’ USA: Episode 011

Here’s an overview of the game Brewin’ USA from Gen Con 2016. Adam, the game designer and owner gives us a quick run through.  Craft beer, brewing across the US with Coasters for cities and Bottle Caps for points! Check out our other Gen Con footage and Subscribe to our Distractovision YouTube Channel

Gen Con 2016 Imhotep: Episode 009

Next up in our continuing footage from Gen Con 2016: a demo of Imhotep – the big new release from Kosmos Games and one of this year’s Spiel des Jahres Nominees.  Imhotep has solid game components and theme – very quick to pick up. We added this one to our collection. Check out our other Gen […]

Gen Con 2016 Hogwarts Battle: Episode 008

Continuing footage from Gen Con 2016. Here’s a demo of Hogwarts Battle – the new Harry Potter deck building game which should be out this fall.  The game looks great – very thematic and solid deck builder, with story line revealing chapters and challenges.  Enjoy! Don’t miss future episodes! Subscribe to our Distractovision YouTube Channel

Gen Con 2016 Overview: Episode 007

Check out our footage of Gen Con 2016 from Indianapolis, IN!  This is a first in our series of Gen Con videos which showcases an overall view of Gen Con including turnout and Cosplay.  Stay tuned for more in-depth videos coming soon including demos for Hogwarts Battle, Imhotep, Star Trek Ascendancy, Brewing USA, and Zimby Mojo. Don’t miss future episodes! Subscribe […]

Denver Comic Con 2016: Episode 006

Check out our footage from the 2016 Denver Comic Con!  This is our first time getting footage at a large Con including cuts from the opening ceremonies with cosplay footage.  Oh, and Deadpool. So much Deadpool…  Next year we will have media passes and more comprehensive footage. This year, we just had fun and bought […]

Colt Express Tutorial – Episode 005

Check out our latest Games in 5 Tutorial.  Colt Express is a programming game for 2-6 players, set in the Old West. Players compete to score the most loot while robbing a train. In this tutorial we’ll be covering set up and standard game play. Don’t miss future episodes! Subscribe to our Distractovision YouTube Channel We’re […]

Conclave of Gamers 2016: Episode 005

The last of our 2016 Conclave footage…this is an interview with the guys at Tempest Tome games on their soon to be released Cryptic Explorers. Gothic/Horror dungeon crawl with a touch of Lovecraft. http://www.tempesttomegames.com/ Thanks again to http://conclaveofgamers.org/ for letting us poke around. Everyone was great! Check out our other Conclave footage as well as […]

Conclave of Gamers 2016 Touch Tables: Episode 004

More interviews from Conclave 2016 – this episode goes into the Touch Table games we played at the event.  While not a replacement for board games, these were great to do a quick set up and play and very easy to teach more intensive games, with some fun original stuff that merged board games and […]

Conclave of Gamers 2016 Minis: Episode 003

Presenting the third Episode of our coverage at Conclave of Gamers.  Some longer footage of table set ups for Infinity, Firestorm Armada, and Hordes of the Things. (check out our Conclave Overview for more). https://youtu.be/VAUoWx3Sjco?list=PL6… Focus here is on a volunteer and hobbyist designer, who throws together big production home brew games just for events. We […]